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Bass Fishing on Reelfoot Lake with Jackie Wayne VanCleave in the Summer

John’s Note: School is out, you’re at the lake, the weather is hot, and fishing is no good – or is it? You can have some of the best fishing of the year for you and your family, if you follow the advice of a 40-year veteran fishing guide and tournament crappie fisherman, Jackie Wayne VanCleave (731-538-2547 or 731-431-9700) of Samburg, Tennessee. Bass Fishing on Reelfoot Lake with Jackie Wayne VanCleave in the Summer13

This time of the year, I look for duckweed, a plant that’s locally called seed moss, that blows over the lily pads.

The bass will get under that seed moss and hide to attack schools of minnows. Too, we fish “bunching spots” where there’s a deep hole in shallow water. Underwater logs also are a good place to find bass right now. If I’m fishing in the lily pads, I use 25-pound-test line. For underwater logs, I prefer 14-pound-test line. The biggest bass I’ve ever caught on Reelfoot Lake weighed 8-1/2-pounds, but the average bass here weigh about 2-1/2- to 4-pounds each.

Bass Fishing on Reelfoot Lake with Jackie Wayne VanCleave in the Summer14

Some of my favorite lures are the jig and pig, plastic lizards, plastic worms, spinner baits and buzzbaits. I like top-water lures, especially early in the morning before the sun gets high. My favorite lure for early-morning fishing and late in the evening just before dark is the buzzbait. After the morning bite is over, I start fishing the jig and pig, the plastic worm and/or the plastic lizard.

To get to the spots we want to fish, we often have to do what I call “tree barking,” bumping our boat through narrow places and trees to get to a spot. What I like about the War Eagle boat is that when we’re bumping those trees, they don’t knock the finish off my boat, and the boat’s aluminum doesn’t crack or bend. Even if I’ve been bumping trees all day, when my boat gets back to the launch, you’d never know that we had several tree encounters. Of course you can’t get your boat up Bass Fishing on Reelfoot Lake with Jackie Wayne VanCleave in the Summer15on plane running 50 miles per hour, hit a tree head-on and not damage your boat, but we bounce off logs and trees every day. So, I have to have a tough, safe, stable boat, especially when I’m guiding a family.

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Bass Fishing on Reelfoot Lake with Jackie Wayne VanCleave in the Summer16

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