Elk Hunting

Hunter aims with his rifle 09/24/2021

Elk Hunters and Guides Day 5: Forever Elk by Nate...

Editor’s Note: My friend Nate Treadaway, CEO of Blackpowder Products, Inc., loves

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Two elk in the field 09/23/2021

Elk Hunters and Guides Day 4: Extraordinary Elk Hunter Steve...

Editor’s Note: The late Steve Puppe, who lived in Hamilton, Montana, hunted and

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Two elk hunters in the field: one calling in an elk while the other records 09/22/2021

Elk Hunters and Guides Day 3: Elk Calling Specialist Wayne...

Editor’s Note: Wayne Carlton of Montrose, Colorado, one of the nation’s leading

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A hunter scouts out the area with binoculars while holding his horse's reins 09/21/2021

Elk Hunters and Guides Day 2: Confessions of Elk Hunter...

Editor’s Note: Like you, I’ve had elk guides before I’ve thought may have

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An elk bugles in the field 09/20/2021

Elk Hunters and Guides Day 1: Amazing Elk

The call of the elk, an eerie-sounding, high-pitched whistle usually followed by a

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