Driving Deer and Missing a Buck

Taking the Redemption Buck Deer Finally

11/10/2016 Comments (0) Deer Hunting

Hoping for a Successful Deer Hunt after Missing Two Bucks

John’s Note: Some years ago I’d met my longtime friend Brad Harris of Neosho, Missouri, the well-known outdoorsman and TV personality, and his friend Scott Bennett, to hunt the big Kansas corn-fed bucks. For several years, Harris had hunted Kansas and had bagged some monster-sized whitetails there.  He’d invited me to come and try my luck on this area’s trophy bucks.

As I sat in my misery and self-pity, I remembered an interview I’d done years before at the 1997 Bassmasters Classic with Dion Hibdon of Stover, Missouri. Hibdon had walked in the shadow of his famous father, Guido, a former Bassmasters Classic winner, for a number of years. However, Dion Hibdon never seemed to have that killer instinct that would allow him to win a bass-fishing tournament. “I was really down on myself,” Dion recalled. “I’d come close to winning several major tournaments but still saw victory slip through my fingers each time. I’d really get upset with myself and uptight when I lost a fish or missed a strike in the closing hours of any tournament. I just couldn’t seem to win.”

1-guidohibdon1_0To try to solve this problem, Hibdon went to a sports psychologist. The psychologist told Hibdon that when he missed a fish, instead of thinking about the fish he missed, he should say to himself, “That miss means I’m fishing in the right place with the correct bait. Since that bass struck my lure, then I’ve got every reason to believe that another bass will.” In the last 2 hours of that Bassmasters Classic, Hibdon lost or broke off 20 bass. “I sort of felt guilty,” Hibdon remembered, “Praying, ‘Lord, just give me one more fish,’ after I’d missed so-many chances.’ But I continued to believe that I was fishing in the right place, I was using the best baits, the bass were striking at my lures, and I could expect to catch at least one more good fish.” During the last 2 minutes of this world championship of bass fishing, Hibdon did catch one last bass that weighed 4 pounds and won the Classic.

dsc_0405I decided that if this technique worked for Hibdon, then maybe it should work for me. After all, we’d seen several nice bucks from this tree stand all day. I’d had a shot at two monster-sized bucks. Evidently we’d set-up in the right place. Although I’d missed, I had every reason to believe that one more buck would show up just before dark. So, I asked the Good Lord for, “Just one more chance.”

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