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Matt Lee on His Biggest Bass and What He’s Earned Catching Bass

Editor’s Note: Matt Lee (http://www.mattleefishing.com/) of Guntersville, Alabama, finished 4th in the 2018 Bassmaster Classic (https://www.bassmaster.com/tournaments/2018). On the last day, he had two chances to win it all. In 2012, Lee won the Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship, and he had four, top-12 finishes in the 2017 Bassmaster Elite Series tournaments, which represents a very-good and consistent year for a Bassmaster Elite Series pro. Twenty-nine-year-old Lee, who has fished the Bassmaster Elite Circuit professionally for 3 years, has earned about $300,000 fishing for bass. 

My home lake is now Lake Guntersville in north Alabama. The biggest bass I’ve caught on this lake weighed 11 pounds, 5 ounces on a 3/4-ounce Rat-L-Trap (http://www.rat-l-trap.com/) in the snow. I actually weighed that bass in at a collegiate fishing event a couple of years ago. The contest was a team event, but I was fishing by myself because at that time I was at a small liberal-arts school with no bass-fishing team and hadn’t yet transferred to Auburn University where there was a bass-fishing team. I was in third place with 17 pounds of bass for the day before my batteries went dead. The next day my lower unit went out. So, I caught my best bass ever at Guntersville fish in one of the worst tournaments I’d ever fished.

A question I’ve often been asked after the Classic is, “What kind of payday did you receive for your 4th place finish in the Bassmaster Classic?” I won $27,600, but the State of South Carolina took 7% of our winnings right off the top. However, even then I certainly didn’t have a bad week of work, and that was good pay for one week’s work. On the Bassmaster Elite circuit, I’ve made $221,000 for three years of fishing. Counting all my bass tournament wins, including both local tournaments and FLW ones, my total winnings are around $300,000.

Another question I’m often asked is, “What do you do when you’re not tournament fishing?” Well, I’m either planning my tournament fishing or playing golf. Sometimes when I haven’t done well in tournaments, I’ll go play some golf to get my head straightened out and thinking right. I love getting to a tournament the day before a tournament starts and playing golf that day. Then my mind is clear once the bass-fishing tournament starts, and I’ve taken a mental break away from fishing. I think getting my mind off fishing some of the day, no matter how much I love fishing, works, and golf does that for me.

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