Moon Phase Does or Doesn’t Affect Deer Hunting

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10/18/2016 Comments (0) Deer Hunting

Scientists Tell about Deer Hunting by the Moon

According to Horace Gore, former wildlife biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife and now the editor of “The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters,” “From my experience, I think deer move when the moon is up. If the moon comes up at 3:00 p.m., the deer will move at 3:00 p.m. Generally deer get up and down numerous times during the night, normally moving at about 2-3 hour intervals. Apparently, when the moon is out all night, there is more activity among deer, which may cause them not to move in the 1-dr-keith-causeydaylight hours of the first part of the next day. When the deer hunter goes out at daylight waiting for the deer movement to begin, he won’t see the normal activity of deer in the early morning and at the crack of dawn as he will if the night has been darker. I don’t even like to go deer hunting in the morning when the moon has been full all night.”

Many deer hunters believe the phases of the sun and the moon affect not only deer movement but also feeding patterns. This belief has fostered the use of solunar tables that attempt to predict the times of day and night when deer may be most active. However, according to Dr. Keith Causey, retired professor of wildlife science at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, “No scientific studies have documented a scientifically-testable correlation between moon phases and sun phases and animal or deer activity. Intuitively, many hunters and naturalists think they observe these relationships, but testing this theory from a scientific standpoint is difficult. But just because scientists haven’t developed sophisticated enough tests to evaluate whether solunar phases affect deer movement or not does not mean there is not or cannot be a relationship between the movement of the sun and the moon and deer activity. Much evidence suggests these relationships may exist.  However, as scientists, we can’t prove these relationships do exist.”

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