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How to Decide on Nighttime Crappie Baits and Equipment

There seems to be little controversy as to what is the best bait for catching

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Brian Barton Says Fish the Seams to Catch More Catfish...

John’s Note: Forty-nine-year old Brian Barton of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, has been

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Catching Gar – the Prehistoric Ugly Fish

John’s Note: When the bass aren’t biting, the bluegills have lockjaw, and the

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How to Rig and Bait Up for Tailrace Catfish with...

John’s Note: Kyle Baggett of Cullman, Alabama, has been a tailrace specialist for

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deer crossing the land 12/04/2014

Hank Parker Shares His Opinion on the Great Bait Debate...

 John’s Note: Hank Parker, former Bassmasters Classic Champion, and his two

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