John E. Phillips tries to avoid the rain smiling in his rain jacket 08/12/2021

Catch Bad Weather Fish at Eufaula Day 4: Working to...

Editor’s Note: During the middle of July, 2021, my granddaughter Abbey Hudson and

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Hunter with downed elk 07/12/2021

The Elk’s Down – What’s Next and Equipment Needed with...

Editor’s Note: J.R. Keller has lived in Colorado most of his life and has had a

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How to Consistently Take the Oldest Buck Deer on the...

Editor’s Note: To understand how baiting for deer with corn has become one of the

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Make a Buck Come to You Day 5: Build a...

Editor’s Note: Although you may have quality bucks in the woods you hunt, if you

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Make a Buck Come to You Day 4: Cut a...

Editor’s Note: “Many times to take a nice-sized buck, you have to force him to

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