Hunting Calls & Lures

A turkey in the field

Learn How to Call Wild Turkeys Day 5: Techniques to...

Editor’s Note: After the early days of hunting turkeys in the 1970s, listening to

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Hunting Elk with Crow Creek Outfitters Day 1: Tactics to...

Editor’s Note: Fifty-two year-old Shannon Parsons and his dad, 85-year-old Mike

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Elk Hunting Survival with Mark Land Day 3: What an...

Editor’s Note: Mark Land of Cartersville, Georgia, worked for Muzzy Broadheads

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Avid Elk Hunter Fred Eichler and His Tactics Day 3:...

Editor’s Note: “Because we harvest 45 – 50 elk every year, and I’ve been

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You Don’t Have to Take a Bird for a Memorable...

Editor’s Note: One of the reasons I enjoy turkey hunting so much is because

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