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Old Turkey Calls Still Work Today Day 1: You Can...

Editor’s Note: If you’re wondering what turkey calling has to do with bass

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Turkey Tales from J. Wayne Fears Day 4: Getting the...

Editor’s Note: Nationally-known outdoor writer and hunter J. Wayne Fears of New

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Chris Kirby Talks Calling Deer Day Five: Call Deer in...

Editor’s Note: Chris Kirby, owner of Quaker Boy Inc., bought his family’s

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Rattling and Hunting Deer Successfully Day 1: Factors Impacting Rattling...

Editor’s Note: Eddie Salter of Brewton, Alabama, began hunting at a very young

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Outdoorsman Eddie Salter Loves Hunting Elk Day 3: Eddie Salter...

Editor’s Note: Eddie Salter of Evergreen, Alabama, is known as Mr. Turkey –

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