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Take Vanished or Forgotten Buck Deer Day 2: Use Trail Cameras & Hunt Hard for Deer

A hunter checks his trail camera

A hunter with his downed deerUse Trail Cameras

If you’re a student of scouting with trail cameras, you know that if you start putting your trail cameras out in July to survey your deer herd and locate potential bucks that you want to try and take during the upcoming season, you’ll get pictures of some of the biggest bucks on the property – possibly bucks you’ve never seen previously – before deer season arrives. From this information, you reasonably can assume that you know these buck’s travel routes and the times they are most likely to appear along these travel routes.

Images on a cell phone from a trail cameraAlthough you hardly can wait to get to your tree stand to harvest the big bucks you’ve been photographing, often for some unknown reason, one or two of those big bucks you’ve been betting on taking vanish, and you won’t see them again during hunting season. However, remember elderly Mr. Jones and the big buck he took slipping out of the woods when hunters were entering the woods. Older-age-class bucks are conditioned to move to safe havens. Once hunting season begins, they generally become nocturnal.

A deer in the fieldHunt Hard for Deer

Once deer season starts, and times and weather are rough, some hunters will quit hunting. They also may seem to forget about the big bucks that have seemed to vanish as soon as deer season arrived. However, these bucks probably are still on the property where they’ve been photographed. They’re staying in sanctuaries where they hear and see no humans. If you’ll hunt hard and continue to be dedicated to reconnect with these vanished and forgotten bucks, you may have success.

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