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Why Hunt Doe Concentration Zones to Bag a Late Season Buck

A buck’s nature changes during the rut, which occurs at various times across the United States.

Why Hunt Doe Concentration Zones to Bag a Late Season Buck10But in some parts of the South, the rut happens during late deer season. The buck expands his pre-rut territory and often goes into new lands to look for more does to breed. During the late season, a buck may trail an estrous doe a long distance away from his normal home range. Before the rut, you’ll encounter bucks at food sites, bedding areas and travel trails. However, during the rut, you’ll spot bucks in regions where before you’ve mainly seen does. Also in this hunt-the-does-to-take-the bucks formula, does often will embark on extended journeys outside their home ranges when they come in estrus, perhaps nature’s way of preventing in-breeding. If the doe attracts and breeds with another buck, she may lead that buck back to her home range. Then a fight may break out between the new buck and the buck that’s the most dominant in the doe’s home range. A situation like this gives you two opportunities to harvest a buck – either the dominant buck in the area or the dominant buck of another region that an estrous doe has brought home with her.

Why Hunt Doe Concentration Zones to Bag a Late Season Buck11

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