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Bass fisherman with his trophy

Learn a Lake Before Bass Fishing Day 4: Why Watch...

Editor’s Note: One of the reasons pro fishermen consistently find and catch more

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Rick Clunn Bassmaster trophy

Fishing’s G.O.A.T.S. Catch the Biggest Bass Day 1: G.O.A.T.S. Omit...

Editor’s Note: While deer hunting out of a tree stand, I realized that tree stands

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Learning More about Summertime Crappie

To learn more about fishing for crappie, visit

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How to Decide on Nighttime Crappie Baits and Equipment

There seems to be little controversy as to what is the best bait for catching

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Brian Barton Says Fish the Seams to Catch More Catfish...

John’s Note: Forty-nine-year old Brian Barton of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, has been

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