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Bass Fishing Changes – Younger Anglers, Equipment and Tactics Day...

Editor’s Note: Rick Clunn of Ava, Missouri, has been a bass pro for 46 years, has

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“Picking Bass Lures to Fish Each Season” Day 4: Pick...

Editor’s Note: Denny Brauer, originally of Camdenton, Missouri, and today a

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Catching Summertime Bass in Grassy Lakes Day 2: Use Deep-Diving...

Editor’s Note: Captain Phillip Criss of Scottsboro, Alabama, has been a more-than

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Drew Benton – Catching Summertime Bass Day 2: Use Electronics,...

Editor’s Note: Thirty-four-year-old Drew Benton from Panama City, Florida, began

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What about Jonathan Phillips’ Crappie Fishing Equipment

  Editor’s Note: This past week I fished with the Phillips’ family of Wetumpka,

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