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Fishing’s G.O.A.T.S. Catch the Biggest Bass Day 4: G.O.A.T.S. Bass...

Editor’s Note: While deer hunting out of a tree stand, I realized that tree stands

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Tubes with Denny Brauer and the 6-inch Plastic Swimming Worm...

John’s Note: Even beginners who never have fished before can catch bass on soft

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Legendary Angler Denny Brauer’s Top Five Choices for Best Bass...

John’s Note: You may be surprised at the wide variety of lures bass anglers trust

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Winning Lures from Bassmaster Classics XXVII (1997) – XXXV (2005)

John’s Note: The 2015 Bassmaster Classic takes place at Lake Hartwell in

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Fishing for Midwest Wintertime Bass with Denny Brauer

John’s Note: Denny Brauer ( of Del Rio, Texas, now retired who

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