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A catch of crappie in a net

Crappie Fishing When a Cold Front Hits Day 3: Fish...

Editor’s Note: Don’t bet on the crappie spawn in March, particularly if a

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Pinpoint Crappie Patterns

Editor’s Note: Are you tired of going fishing and not catching any crappie? Would

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Catch Icicle Crappie in February in Shallow and Deep Lakes...

Editor’s Note: Tracy Macintosh of Louisiana is a crappie fisherman, who lived and

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Jay Yelas Says Losing Big Bass Is a Bad Day...

John’s Note: Jay Yelas from Corvallis, Oregon, has been a professional tournament

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Catching Catfish to Sizzle in Your Skillet with Outdoor Writer...

John’s Note: Even when the singer’s the same and the music’s the same, most

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