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Choosing the Wrong Powder to Blackpowder Hunt for Deer

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John’s Note: The trophy buck is the oldest and the smartest deer on the land you land. Trophy bucks must have eluded hunters for at least 3 years and often for 5-6 six years to become a trophy. He has learned to recognize the mistakes hunters make and understands how and where to hide where hunters can’t find him. If you’re going to take the wide-racked, heavy-antlered, high-tined buck of your dreams with a blackpowder rifle, you must hunt mistake-proof and realize your quarry may be smarter than you are.

The trophy 8-point was 30-yards away standing broadside to me in a lush green field near Selma, Alabama. I had been watching the buck for 15 minutes, hoping the buck would present this dream shot. After my first glimpse of the animal, all I saw was high, wide beams above the brush as the deer moved through the thick clover.

1I eased my .50 caliber CVA ( rifle out of the shooting house I was sitting in to dodge the slight drizzle of rain I had hunted in for 2 days. I had used barrel covers when I was carrying my gun to and from my stand to keep my powder dry but had removed these covers after I entered the small shelter. I had sighted in my rifle and was totally confident of my ability to bag that huge buck.

The deer stood on the edge of the clear-cut and studied the does in the field before exposing himself. Finally the deer boldly walked 20 yards out into the field and started to feed. I brought my rifle up, found the buck’s shoulder in my open sight and slowly squeezed the trigger. After the hammer fell, a loud, deafening noise of metal against metal sounded, but no explosion occurred. The deer bolted, just as the gun went off when the hang-fire happened. However, when the smoke cleared, the buck was standing still 35 yards away. Although I quickly tried to reload, the buck had had enough of blackpowder hunting and left the field quickly the way he had entered.

The next week I called my blackpowder hunting friend to find out why the gun had hang-fired at the critical moment. When he asked me what kind of powder I was using, I told him, Pyrodex ( “That powder is your problem,” my friend, who was a longtime blackpowder enthusiast, explained. “Even though Pyrodex does burn cleaner and is the powder of choice for most modern blackpowder hunters, it is not a perfect powder. Pyrodex seems to absorb moisture from the air quicker than FF black powder does. Because I don’t know what the weather will be when I hunt, I always carry both black powder and Pyrodex. If high humidity or rain occurs on the day I hunt, I use black powder. If the humidity is low, and the day is sunny, I shoot Pyrodex.”

3I had seen the trophy blackpowder buck of my dreams. I had had an easy shot, but because I had made a mistake and chosen the wrong powder for the weather on the day I was to hunt, the buck escaped the lead ball. Perhaps he will be in the same area for me to hunt again with black powder next season.

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