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Different Tactics to Take Deer Day 4: Create Deer Hidey Holes

Rifle deer hunter
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Editor’s Note: Dr. Grant Woods, longtime, well-known deer biologist, likes to plant small patches of green forage where a deer can get several mouths full of food, before the animal moves on to a major green field or an agricultural crop. To create a patch, Woods uses a backpack leaf blower or a rake to clear the litter off the forest floor or an ATV with a small plow or a disc.


“Using my portable leaf blower, I’ll blow out a spot, about 20×20 feet, where I find sunlight hitting the forest floor,” Woods reports. “I’ll take 10-10-10 fertilizer and sow it over the cleared-out spot. Next, I’ll sow winter wheat, buckwheat, peas or any seeds that will germinate on top of the soil and produce a crop quickly after the first rain.”

Many seed companies today have developed blends of seeds that germinate quickly and produce tasty crops for deer within only a few weeks that will draw deer into those areas. Including the fertilizer and the seed, you’ll probably have less than $100 and 45 minutes of sweat equity invested in each hidey-hole you create. Plant your tiny green spots where hunters won’t find them. You can make one of these small food plots every time you go into the woods to scout before the season or once deer season starts and continue to create them up until 2 weeks before the first frost. They’ll be very effective drawing in deer.

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