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Dr. Grant Woods on Ways to Improve Food for Your Turkey Flock

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Editor’s Note: The turkeys had gone, vanished. All the fine turkeys I’d seen the previous fall and looked forward to hunting that spring now lived on my neighbor’s property. I knew, because I could hear them gobbling their heads off the first morning of spring turkey season. I’ve learned that to keep turkeys on your land, you must provide food for them.

“Grass will compete for the crop you plant for turkeys,” Dr. Grant Woods mentions.

“Grass grows quickly and shades out broadleaf weeds like ragweed. The best way to control the grass is to use a 05grass-specific pre-emergent herbicide. Let it settle the required number of days specified on the container, and then plant your crops on top.” Woods suggests you add lime to the soil to reach a pH of approximately 6.5 based on a soil test. Also, he recommends your adding 25 or 30 pounds of nitrogen and 50 pounds each of phosphorus and potassium per acre. Woods also advises that you need 300 to 500 pounds of 13-13-13 fertilizer per acre,

“The rule of thumb for sustaining a healthy turkey flock is to provide enough feed, so that the turkeys don’t gather on one plot and stress each other out,” Woods emphasizes. “To have a moderate turkey density, you need a minimum of one, 1-acre food plot for every 100 acres. If your property has a high turkey density, I suggest a 1-acre food plot for every 50 acres. Also, create transition zones between the woods and open fields by planting tree plots or other dense cover on the edges, so that the turkeys aren’t exposed to predators.”


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