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What Equipment Davis Uses to Fish the Wake Shad for Late Fall Bass

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John’s Note: When we asked two of the nation’s top bass fishermen, Denny Brauer of Camdenton, Missouri, and Mark Davis of Mount Ida, Arkansas, to give our readers the best information on how to catch bass at this time of the year, they somewhat surprised us when they both named the buzzbait, a top water lure, as their number one choice for late fall and wintertime bass fishing, although they also selected other baits.

What Equipment Davis Uses to Fish the Wake Shad for Late Fall Bass - 1Many people don’t realize that in the late fall and the early winter, bass still will take top water lures.

We’ve asked the pros why, what lures we should fish, and how to fish those lures. Mark Davis of Mt. Ida, Arkansas, has won the Angler of the Year title four times and the Bassmaster Classic. He’s one of the most consistent fishermen on the BASS circuit. Although Davis likes a buzzbait, he also fishes primarily wake baits in cooler temperatures.

When I’m fishing the Wake Shad, I like 14 or 15 pound test monofilament line on a baitcasting rod or reel. You can cast this lure on spinning tackle, but I prefer to use baitcasting tackle. The reason I prefer monofilament instead of fluorocarbon is because the monofilament floats and helps keep the lure above the water. You probably can use bigger than 14- or 15-pound-test line, but I like that size. I can cast it further than I can cast heavier line. When I’m fishing the Wake Shad, I like to make long casts to give the bait plenty of time to attract the bass before the bait gets back to the boat. To help me make those long casts, I like a 7 foot medium action rod. Most fishermen already have this kind of rod and line, so you don’t have to buy any special equipment to fish the Wake Shad.What Equipment Davis Uses to Fish the Wake Shad for Late Fall Bass - 2

Because the leaves are off the trees, more sportsmen are thinking about deer and duck hunting, rather than bass fishing.

Even though most fishermen believe that bass are deep at this time of year, don’t overlook these top water baits, because some of the best tournament-bass fishermen in the nation are using them right now for fall and wintertime bass.

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