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How GPS Solves Deer Hunting’s Biggest Problem

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GPS Is a Device for Hunting Deer and All Seasons in the Outdoors

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John’s Note: A hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver can help you bag a buck every season. These navigation devices, introduced to the market some years ago, can put you in position to take the bucks other hunters never see, especially on public lands with intense hunter pressure. 

Since most hunters participate in other outdoor activities, they can use their GPS receivers as navigational devices for most of them.

GPS Is a Device for Hunting Deer and All Seasons in the Outdoors18

I utilize my GPS not only for hunting but also to find waterfowl hotspots deep in the swamp before daylight. I also have used the receiver to locate and store the sites where coveys of quail live. My GPS also has led me to crappie hot spots during the spring and summer and has enabled me to find drop-offs and ledges where big bass hold throughout the summer months. When I go to the coast, I use my GPS receivers to locate off-shore reefs, sunken ships and even submerged military tanks where snapper and grouper concentrate. When I backpack and hike, I use my GPS to pinpoint trailheads, locate campsites and steer me to the mouths of caves I want to explore. While travelling it is good to have a gps car tracker so you don’t get lost.

GPS Is a Device for Hunting Deer and All Seasons in the Outdoors19

GPS receivers also provide non-sporting advantages. I’ve found that my children, when using my GPS receivers, remain content for hours during long car trips over summer vacation. With the receiver plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter, my children entertain themselves as if with a video game. However, the GPS receiver provides more than entertainment for my children. They learn navigation skills too while they use my receiver.

I honestly can say the new GPS receivers not only have increased my hunting skills but also have enhanced all my outdoor experiences and adventures. Now I can move through the woods and across the water with greater precision and ease. I can hunt without worry of getting lost in dim light or bad-weather conditions. To become a better hunter for deer and find and bag bucks more efficiently, purchase a GPS. I did. The experience has convinced me I’ve found the best new hunting aid in the last 50 years – the hand-held GPS receiver.  GPS Is a Device for Hunting Deer and All Seasons in the Outdoors20

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