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Lease Land to a Hunting Club by Showing Numbers of Deer and Turkeys There

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If you have property to lease for hunting, the number and the quality of the wildlife on your property will help determine the value of the lease. If you can prove you have big bucks and plenty of turkeys on your land, the lease becomes much more valuable. One advantage when using feeders and motion-sensor cameras to inventory the wildlife on your property is that you can set the cameras to give the date and the time the photographs have been taken. This is a very-important element when using game cameras to photograph wildlife on property you want to lease for hunting.

If you want to lease a piece of property to hunters, the lessees will want to see photos of the deer and turkeys on the property after hunting season has ended if possible. The time and the date on the photograph will tell them the wildlife is still there after the season has ended, so that game will still be available for harvest in the next season. Another advantage to using feeders and game cameras when you’re offering property for lease, is by putting a stake that’s visibly numbered in the ground near a feeder, then when the photograph is taken, the hunters interested in leasing your property can see and know where the deer and/or the turkeys are on that land.

By scouting the property with the feeders and cameras, you’re providing another huge advantage to your hunters. You can show the hunters interested in leasing your land:

* where the big bucks are located;

* where most of the deer are concentrated;

* which direction most of the deer are coming from and leaving from;

* what time of day or night the deer are appearing;

* whether you do have the size and number of deer on the property you’ve said you do; and

* whether you have one or two big deer on the property, and, also a good crop of yearling bucks for future years of hunting.

A feeder and a motion-sensor camera are the two most-efficient tools a landowner can use to lease his property for a fair price.

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