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Tricks to Using Set Poles for Catching Creekbank Catfish

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Limblining for Catfish

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John’s Note: Creekbanking for cats brings together all the ingredients of the finest outdoor living as it is…

Day Five Catfish 1* a solace to be rubbed on the soul of mankind;
* a potion with mystical powers to eliminate worry;
* a time for lying, for remembering and for enjoying the fellowship of good friends;
* an outdoor activity where the catching of a catfish is the excuse for the creekbanking experience, but never the ultimate goal; and
* an adventurous night in the woods and on the water.

In my opinion, limblining for catfish is much easier than set-poling, if there are trees or bushes hanging-out over the water where you plan to fish.

All an angler has to do is to tie a line with a hook, a lead and a bait to a limb, and he’s in business. When the ole catfish strikes, the limb will offer enough resistance to set the hook yet have enough play to keep the catfish from breaking the line. There is one precaution, however, that the limbliner should heed.

Always take a paddle with you when you go to run limblines.

Many outdoorsmen have had unpleasant experiences with snakes lying up in the branches of the limbs where the fishermen have had their lines tied. I always check closely before I tie my line onto a limb.

Limblining for Catfish - 3One of the advantages to these techniques that I employ for catching cats when I am out creekbanking with a buddy is that all the tackle I need can be purchased for $5 and will last all spring and summer. Catfish bait is easy to find. Even if you do have to buy the bait, it’s not very expensive. And by using these tactics, a fisherman doesn’t have to be present to catch a cat. The next time the pressures of the world seem to engulf you, you may derive more relief from a creekbank encounter and catching a mess of catfish than investing money and time in hiring professional counselors. I know I do.

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