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Hang-Over Ducks and Creek Quacks to Stalk

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Other Ways to Stalk Hunt Ducks

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John’s Note: There are several tactics you can use to stalk hunt ducks successfully.

1Two hunters can stalk the same flock of ducks by staying 20 yards apart. Allow only one hunter at a time to move to reduce the likelihood of the ducks’ seeing you. Utilize hand signals between the two hunters to signify…

* when to move,

* when and where to stop,

* where the ducks are,

* when to get ready to shoot and

* when to flush the birds.

Some hunters use this tandem-stalking with great success.

In another technique for tandem stalking, one hunter comes in from behind the ducks, while the other hunter moves in from the front. Using this approach, only one hunter shoots. Here’s how:

* Let the ducks get into the air.

3* Shoot only at treetop level to prevent the two of you from aiming at one another. Don’t use this method unless you’ve hunted with each other for some time and have total trust in one another to hold your shots until you have a safe position from which to shoot, and the ducks are well in the air. The novice hunter or shooter should not utilize this strategy.

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