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Rick Clunn Buzzes February Bass Up

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John’s Note: If you live in a state where the lakes remain frozen in February, these techniques for catching February bass and crappie certainly won’t work. But if your state has open water during the month of February, the size and the number of bass and crappie you take may surprise you.

Rick Clunn Buzzes February Bass Up 2Catching big bass in February doesn’t depend on a particular lure or tactic. In many areas, February bass success solely depends on the weatherman.

Warm fronts, lasting from 2 days to a week or more, often move through many major reservoirs in February. When the surface temperature warms, big bass begin to feed. Often you’ll catch them in very shallow water or by using unusual tactics. Four-time Bassmasters Classic champion, Rick Clunn of Ava, Missouri, uses unusual methods throughout the year to catch the bass that no one else takes. This veteran really breaks from tradition in February and uses weird bass-fishing techniques.

“If I fish those warming days in February, one of my go-to lures is the buzzbait,” Clunn explains.

“You must remember that on most lakes in the country, the bass haven’t seen a buzzbait in at least 6 months.

Most anglers don’t throw buzzbaits at this time of year.” Clunn has seen a bass come up from 20 feet of water to attack a buzzbait on the surface in February. “On those warm days, shad often school-up near the surface since that’s where the warmest water is,” Clunn reports. “I’ve had some good days of bass fishing when I’ve used a buzzbait in February.”

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