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Deer hunter with his trophy

Taking Memorable Buck Deer with Bows Day 1: David Hale...

Editor’s Note: Do you remember when you took a buck with a bow that made that time

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David Hale and a trophy buck

The Most Productive Deer Stand Sites Day 4: Prepare Deer...

Editor’s Note: What magic ingredients do the best deer hunters in the nation use

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A silhouette of a turkey

Hunting Turkeys That Won’t Gobble Day 4: Listen to David...

Editor’s Note: For fall turkey hunting, calling is the least-important ingredient

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Up close look at a turkey

Become a Master Turkey Hunter with Knight & Hale Founder...

Editor’s Note: I often have the opportunity to hunt with some of the

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Why to Hunt Ducks by Bushwhacking Them

John’s Note: Okay, in my opinion, I consider hunting ducks a different sport than

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