A turkey in the field

Hunting Turkeys That Won’t Gobble Day 3: Learn to...

A turkey in the field

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Hunting Turkeys That Won’t Gobble Day 4: Listen to David Hale – Don’t Call Turkeys

A silhouette of a turkey
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Editor’s Note: For fall turkey hunting, calling is the least-important ingredient for success because turkeys rarely gobble in the fall. Therefore, understanding where a turkey wants to be is far-more important than being able to call a bird at most anytime of the year.

A hunter retrieves his downed turkeyDavid Hale, one of the owner of Knight & Hale Game Calls (https://www.knightandhale.com/), says that, “I took five gobblers before I ever learned you actually could call them. I hunted turkeys just like I did deer. I’d find the birds in the woods and learn where they wanted to go and what time of day they wanted to feed, strut, water and roost. Then I’d sit still and ambush the birds. If I found a tom strutting, I’d wait until the gobbler had his back to me, and his fan opened. Then I’d crawl in close to the place where he was strutting. In the mountains of Tennessee where I hunted, I learned that turkeys usually would strut on the tops of ridges. After the gobbler strutted away from me, I’d move in close to where he was and bag him when he came back to me. So, learn how to hunt turkeys first, and then how to call. Bagging a bird will be much easier, and you won’t have to rely on the tom’s gobbling to locate a turkey to hunt.”

Turkeys in the fieldHowever, just because turkeys aren’t gobbling in the mornings when most hunters prefer to hunt them doesn’t mean the turkeys won’t gobble during the day. Sometimes when you face quiet woods in the mornings, you still can crank-up a gobbler in the middle of the day or in the late afternoon. Also remember that tight-lipped gobblers only may be just in the area you are. Turkeys in another region may be gobbling at another time of the day.

A turkey walks across an open areaMost turkey hunters realize that when turkeys aren’t gobbling in the morning, you either can hoot like an owl or use a crow call or a hawk call to attempt to make a turkey shock gobble. But on some dreary, overcast, cold mornings, I’m convinced that if a stick of dynamite was set off between the turkey’s legs, the bird might groan but definitely wouldn’t gobble. Their beaks seem to be glued shut at times. When you’re faced with having to hunt these tight-beaked gobblers, you only may be able to rely on your woodsmanship to find a turkey to try to call.

A hunter shows off his birdFew rules in turkey hunting are written in concrete except one – the hunter who hunts the hardest and the longest using good techniques consistently will bag more toms than the hunter who only hunts a few hours in the morning at the first of the season. Each day you hunt turkeys provides opportunities to learn more about the birds you hunt. Even if you live in a state where turkey hunting is not permitted past 12:00 noon, if you leave your gun at your car and return to walk in the woods the rest of the afternoon, you’ll learn tons of information about the turkeys you’ll be hunting the following morning. Then you can bag a lockjawed tom whether he gobbles or not.

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