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04/12/2022 Comments Off on Tony Adams Fishes for Springtime Crappie Day 2: Where to Look and What to Fish for Spawning Crappie Crappie Fishing, Fishing Advice

Tony Adams Fishes for Springtime Crappie Day 2: Where to Look and What to Fish for Spawning Crappie

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Editor’s Note: Tony Adams (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tony.adams.5477; Email: tony.adams@marvins.com, Phone: 334-695-3003) is a top-notch crappie guide on Alabama’s Lake Eufaula. Lake Eufaula forms the boundary line between the states of Georgia and Alabama, with Lake Eufaula known as Walter F. George Reservoir in Georgia. The springtime tactics for crappie at Lake Eufaula will work at other places in the U.S.

Adams waits for a fish to biteAccording to Tony Adams, “The first place to look for spawning crappie is on riprap. When crappie get ready to spawn in the spring, generally they want to spawn in the warmest water they can locate, in the early part of spawning season. Besides shallow water, which usually heats-up first, water off the main river channel also will move into the rocks (riprap) along the edges of bridges, railroad trestles, marinas and any other place where you find riprap. The rocks absorb the heat from the sun, making the water around the rocks generally warm-up first when a warm front moves into a region or when the lake has had a bright sunny day or two that attracts baitfish and crappie

An angler shows off her fish“When I’m fishing the rocks, I fish Eye Hole Jigs (https://eyeholejig.com/) and (https://www.facebook.com/eyeholejig/) that allow me to put Crappie Magnets (https://www.facebook.com/crappiemagnetlures/) that hold scent in the eye hole of the jig. Then the scent will remain on the jig much longer than if I put the Crappie Magnets on the hook of the jig. I like the plastic grub on a jig in a color called Acid Rain made by Big Bite Baits Lure Company (https://bigbitebaits.com/). These grubs offer three of the most-dominant crappie catching colors: white, yellow and chartreuse. My favorite color for a jig head is either orange or pink. I fish Crappie Magnets or Slab Bites – both attractants with scent you can put in the Eye Hole Jigs. I like the silver flake colors. I like to cast the 1/16-ounce Eye Hole jigs with attractant to the rocks, get as close to the rocks as I can and start slow-swimming the jigs back to my War Eagle 2170 Blackhawk boat (https://wareagleboats.com/boats/1/2170-blackhawk). The crappie may attack the jigs when they’re in one foot of water, or they may bite the jigs when they’ve come almost back to the boat. I’ve also used these Eye Hole jigs when I’m fishing deep structures in 30, 25, 15 and 12 feet of water.”

A tackleboxWhy Adams Likes the Eye Hole Jigs:

One of the reasons Adams likes the Eye Hole jigs is because on days when crappie are reluctant to bite, he believes that adding scent in the eye hole of the jig seems to encourage the fish to bite more actively. The Eye Hole jig is a relatively new jig. In the past, when anglers put Crappie Magnets or other forms of scent on their jig hooks, then after catching two or three crappie, that scent would dissipate off the hooks. An angler would have to add another Crappie Magnet to a hook. However, by putting the Crappie Magnet in the eye of the Eye Hole jig, the scent remains on the lure much longer and allows anglers to catch many-more crappie before dissolving than you can catch when putting the scent on the hook.

An up close look at a fish still on the hookA lovely and convenient place to stay at Lake Eufaula right on the water is (https://www.alapark.com/parks/lakepoint-state-park – Office: 334-687-8011)

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