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Increase the Value of Your Land with Wildlife

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Use Feeders and Trail Cameras to Learn about a Property’s Deer and Turkeys

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Editor’s Note: Those 150- to 200-acre tracts of land you’ve always dreamed of having, your own little piece of heaven, may be finally within your reach. You’ll want to plant a garden, have a pond, have a dove field and attempt to take a deer or a turkey off this land. Maybe you’ll get to see geese or waterfowl landing on your pond, or perhaps you’re not a hunter, but enjoy seeing wildlife. The real-estate agent has told you, “This property is loaded with game.” Before you buy or lease, you’ll want to know how much wildlife you can really expect to see on the property, or if you’ve already bought it, you still can learn more about the wildlife on your land.

One of the quickest, easiest ways to inventory wildlife is by using feeders and motion-sensor cameras on the property you’re considering. Within a few days of setting-out these products, wildlife will find the feeders, and the cameras will record the critters. Simply set-up a camera near a feeder, so that when the feeder goes off, you can see what type of wildlife the feeder is attracting. Within a week of having a game feeder and a trail camera on a new piece of property, you can get a comprehensive idea of what type and how much wildlife you’ll see on this land.

To help you manage and grow your game, answer these questions:

* Are there any deer on your land? If there are, you either can see them firsthand or take their pictures while you’re away.

* Are there any turkeys on the property? If so, you’ll see them at the feeder or spot them with the camera.

* Is there any waterfowl coming to these lands? Once again, you can set-up your feeder and camera to record any incoming birds.

* Are there songbirds on the property? You don’t have to guess, because with a bird feeder and  a game camera you’ll know.

* Are there other critters on the land – perhaps varmints that you may need to eliminate? You can learn this information too with the feeders and cameras.

You may be considering buying that place in the country to observe wildlife and/or to hunt and fish. So, learn everything about the land before you close on that property – how much and what kinds of wildlife you’ll really see.

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