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Hunters Enjoy Chasing South Carolina Wild Hogs Year-Round

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After the Wild Hog Adventure and Hunt

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John’s Note: Hunting savage wild hogs with a spear is a dangerous sport and has a history almost as old as mankind itself.

Later back home after taking my wild boar with a spear, I read more about the history of boar hunting.

After the Wild Boar Adventure and Hunt 2In medieval times, there were several hunters with spears on most hunts, all trying to down the animal from different directions at the same time. Then the hunters were not in nearly as much peril. I also found that oftentimes pig stickers had their horses cut out from under them by the slashing tusks of the hog. When they actually speared the hog, many times they ran the animal down from behind or speared it from the side, well behind the thick platelets that protected its vital organs.

Hog hunting with a spear is a dangerous sport that should not be taken lightly.

If you face a hog in open terrain with a spear, your odds of surviving the encounter and actually bagging the boar are probably slim. However, if you do plan to try and down a tusker, use a spear that you have spent hours sharpening and one that has enough mass to it like the Puma spear to stop the charge of a wild boar or at least be able to push you out of its way.

Always listen to an experienced boar hunting guide. If he says the situation is too dangerous, follow his recommendations. Do more research into the sport of hog hunting with a spear, and try to have a horse to ride. Thousands of men have faced the slashing tusks of wild pigs. However, don’t be foolish. A tusker can hurt you, and no trophy is worth a hospital stay.

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