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You Can Hunt Deer Easier Day 1: Make Your Property Deer-Friendly

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Editor’s Note: Hunters can use much of the equipment they have at their homes already to make hunting deer easier on their lands, including leaf blowers, shovels, backpacks, trail cameras, rakes, atvs and flagging tape to name some. They also need to understand how to find and take big deer on small lands near their homes. 


Deer in the wild

“My grandmother had a problem in Alabama’s warm weather that often lasts until after Thanksgiving,” Jamie Jensen of Warrior, Alabama, reports. “Deer on our family’s land were eating her garden, primarily the peas and the beans, but also the corn and the late-season tomatoes and bell peppers. I set-up a trail camera along a deer trail leading from a briar and honeysuckle thicket about 20 yards into the woodline. I felt sure the deer were bedding near there. After my trail camera had been out for about a week, I’d spotted two does and one huge buck leaving the thicket and coming to the edge of the woodline to walk down the trail to my grandmother’s garden. But there was only one good place to set-up a tree stand, and it wasn’t on that trail. Because Grandmother had nearby neighbors, I’d have to hunt and take this buck with my bow, so the report of the rifle wouldn’t freak them out.”


To have a shot at the buck of his dreams, Jensen knew he would have to get those deer to abandon the trail they’d always walked down and create a new trail that the deer could switch over to that still would provide access to the garden as well as funnel the deer by that one lone tree big enough where he could place his tree stand and shoot his bow.

Jamie Jensen Mowing


“I used my grandmother’s lawnmower and weed eater to cut down the weeds from the garden to the edge of the woods, creating a trail before bow season was set to start,” Jensen reports. “I also piled-up brush for about 5-6 yards from where the old deer trail left the woods and went out into the field.  I used the brush to funnel the deer off the old trail and onto the new lawnmower path I’d cut and set-up my trail camera.


Deer in the wild

“I stayed out of this region for about 2 weeks before returning to check the trail camera after using Scent-A-Way ( products to do-away with my scent, to see if my plan had worked. I saw photos of the does, the big buck and also two younger bucks using my lawnmower-cut path when I pulled the card from my camera. I stayed away from this stand site until opening day of bow deer season. However, I did cut a smaller trail with my weed eater to enable me to reach my tree stand on days with a northwest wind, the dominant wind in Alabama most of the time, without my being seen or heard.”

Jamie Jensen deer hunting


About 3:00 pm on deer season’s opening bowhunting day, Jensen sprayed down his body, his clothes and his boots on the soles and the uppers with Scent A-Way and then climbed into his stand. “Finally, 5 minutes before dark, the does walked past my tree stand,” Jensen recalls. “Next the two small bucks came in, and finally the big buck. Once he was 25-yards away, I drew my bow. At 20 yards, I grunted, he stopped, and I released my arrow. The buck only ran back to the edge of the woods before piling-up.”


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How to Hunt and Take Big Buck Deer on Small Properties

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