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How to Identify Sites for December Deer Hunting

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John’s Note: Deer hunters often find hunting miserable during the month of December because the deer know more about you than you do about them. The deer know what time you go hunting and what time you break for lunch; when you’ll return to the woods; where you’ve located your tree stands; where you hunt most often; and where you seldom hunt. The deer have psyched you out and outsmarted you. Let’s look at deer hunting in December.

01 How to Identify Sites for December Deer HuntingPerhaps in December you’ll find . . .

* an area with an acorn tree that’s dropping acorns, plenty of deer droppings on the ground, hulls of acorns everywhere that the deer already have gotten the meat out of and numbers of acorns not yet eaten. Also three deer trails lead to this site with tracks going in both directions. Although a textbook-like prime hunting site, you may sit there for 3 days and never see a buck.

* a major deer trail coming to a green field with some huge tracks on the trail and out in the field. You’re convinced a big buck uses this region, but in 3 days of hunting, you never see deer or get a shot.

* an active scrape line beside an old logging trail. The strong scent of fresh urine wafts through the air from the pawed-up earth underneath the scrape. You can tell by the size of the tree that the deer rubs that he’s huge. But once you set up to hunt this spot all day Saturday and Sunday, you never see the buck.

According to every book and magazine article you’ve ever read, all these locations look like slam-dunk sites for bagging big bucks. But at this time of the year, often you can’t depend on what you see. To take older-age-class bucks at this time of the year, you must understand hunting pressure and its effect on mature whitetails.

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