A hunter on the lookout for a turkey

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A turkey in the field

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“How to Set Up on Gobbling Turkeys” Day 5: How to Set Up for Hung Up Turkeys

A turkey in the field
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How to Set-Up on the Hung-Up Gobbler:

A turkey in the woodsWhat should you do if a longbeard is standing 70 yards in front of you strutting, drumming and doing everything a wild turkey gobbler is supposed to do? First, you need to understand why a turkey hangs-up out of shotgun range. Perhaps the hunter has called too much, and the gobbler thinks that, “If that hen’s so excited about mating, she ought to come to me when she hears me drum. I’m not going any closer to her.”

Another possibility is that you’re calling from a location where the tom previously has been shot at or attacked by a predator. Or, perhaps the turkey has spotted something, like movement when you’ve sat down, the glint off the gun’s barrel or a camo pattern that doesn’t match the woods. A gobbler also knows that when he starts to strut he should be able to see the hen. For some reason, the tom has held-up out of gun range. Try these two techniques to attempt to get close enough for a shot.A hunter on the lookout for a gobbler

  • Call to the bird with soft clucks and purrs with a different call – perhaps try a slate call rather than the mouth diaphragm. The tom, however, still may refuse to move closer. Probably the best tactic to use is to quit calling and allow the bird to settle down. Hopefully, he’ll assume that the hen has left him, and walk away. Once the tom is well out of sight, circle the bird, and try to set-up a calling position parallel to the direction you think the turkey has gone. Change calls, and begin calling very softly. Since the gobbler’s already fired-up, call very little.
  • Set-up closer to or actually in the area where the gobbler has been strutting previously, the next time you hunt him, if he’s hung-up just out of range before and then walked off. Since the tom thinks that the area is safe even with a hunter calling from there, he may come-in without any problem.

How to Set-Up Two Hunters on One Tom:

A hunter carries his downed birdOne of the best reasons to hunt with a partner is that you can enjoy the natural camaraderie that results when two people pit their skills against one gobbler. For obvious safety reasons, be sure to keep visual contact with each other.

  • The Beginner: Something magical happens to the beginner when he sees his first strutting bird. The result, at times, is that sanity and rationality take a vacation. For that reason, the experienced hunter needs to be in complete control. Many like to sit against a tree and have the novice sit between their legs. This way, the two hunters can communicate easily. The experienced hunter simply can whisper or tap the beginner to inform him of the distance to the bird and when to shoot.
  • A hunter with a turkey callShooter Out Front: If you’re hunting with a veteran hunter who’s planning to shoot while you call, one option is to put him 15-20 yards in front of you. He already knows what to look for and when to shoot – you won’t have to tell him the distance. Your job will be to concentrate on calling the bird. Because the tom expects the hen to be another 20-yards away, he’ll be less wary as he passes the veteran hunter in search of the hen. Also, if the tom hangs up 50 yards in front of you, your partner still may be close enough for a shot.
  • Side by Side: One technique favored by some experienced hunting partners is to hunt side by side. Both hunters sit with their backs to the same tree. They sit close enough so they can whisper back and forth as a turkey comes near. Whichever side of the tree the turkey comes in on, that hunter gets the shot.

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