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Research Areas to Find and Take Trophy Buck Deer with Michael Ahlfeldt

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John’s Note: Longtime deer hunter Michael Ahlfeldt of Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, took his bow buck of a lifetime in 2010. To accomplish this goal, he first learned how to locate a piece of property with the potential to produce a trophy bow buck, how to manipulate the habitat on that property to hold a trophy buck, how to find that trophy buck and hunt him, and how to successfully take that trophy buck. This week, Ahlfeldt will show us the steps he took that you can follow to take the buck of a lifetime with your bow. Research Areas to Find and Take Trophy Buck Deer with Michael Ahlfeldt - 1

Michael Ahlfeldt has hunted deer for almost 30 years and hunted deer with a bow for more than 20 years.

“I’d used several bows but never found one that I liked,” Ahlfeldt says. “I watch a number of outdoor TV shows, including Mark and Terry Drury’s TV show ‘Bow Madness’ on the Outdoor Channel. I knew that they were successful shooting their PSE bows. One of my local bow shops was a PSE dealer, but I didn’t have the funds to buy one. However, when I shot the bow at the dealer’s store, I fell in love with it. When one of my friends, who had a PSE X-Force, wanted to trade-up, he sold me his bow. I shot the bow before I bought it, and it felt good in my hands. Once I shot the bow, I fell in love with it. I couldn’t believe the speed it produced. Shooting carbon arrows, I could shoot out to 38 yards using only one pin. This gave me a huge advantage over bows that required multiple pins to shoot accurately at different ranges.”

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Ahlfeldt selected Grim Reaper Broadheads, Gold Tip Carbon Arrows and a Jim Fletcher Release Ahlfeldt’s home state of Pennsylvania is one of the most-heavily-hunted states for deer in the nation, because there’s an abundance of public lands. Too, due to the large number of hunters, most of the private land has been leased. Based on these factors, Ahlfeldt felt that his best chance of taking his dream buck would be outside of his home state in a state that historically produced big bucks. Ahlfeldt explains, “I’ve hunted Maryland and taken some nice-sized bucks in the 130 and the 140 Boone & Crockett class there with my bow. But a few friends and I wanted to find some property to hunt where we would have a chance to hunt bucks that would score in the range of 200 B&C points. So, I did research on the Internet and found that Ohio was the closest state to me that had the possibility of producing a 200 B&C buck or at least a buck in that range.” On his off days from work, Ahlfeldt made 7-hour drives to Ohio to scout for land where he might find dream bucks for himself and his friends.

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Ahlfeldt discovered the first three secrets to taking a trophy bow buck of a lifetime: find a bow that fits you and delivers the speed and the accuracy you want in a bow; match that bow with the broadhead and the arrow shaft that delivers accuracy and knock-down power; and, finally, do your research, and look for the states closest to where you live that consistently produce the size of bow bucks you want to take.

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