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Deer in the wild

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Take Deer in the Early Season Day 2: Remember Deer Know You

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Editor’s Note: Dr. Grant Woods of Reeds Spring, Missouri, one of the nation’s leading white-tailed deer researchers, not only has studied whitetails for many years but also uses the latest scientific technology to track deer movement and learn why deer do what they do. I’ve asked Woods to tell our readers how to find the bucks of their dreams this year.

Deer in the wild


I’ve been totally amazed since I’ve been using radio telemetry to study deer movement at how sensitive deer are to hunting pressure and how quickly they adapt to and are able to dodge hunters in the woods. From what I’ve learned, I now know that I prefer to hunt an area with fewer deer and fewer hunters than hunt a region with lots of deer and hunters. I’d rather hunt a place in northern Michigan where only 10 deer live per square mile that has very little if any hunter pressure than hunt a place in south Alabama that has 100 deer per square mile and a deer hunter for every 40 acres.

Dr. Grant Woods with a trophy deer


I’ve found that taking a trophy buck that’s had very-little hunter contact is much easier than attempting to take a trophy buck in a region where the deer have experienced a lot of hunting pressure. To take a trophy early-season buck this season, hunt the places with less deer density and less hunting pressure instead of hunting areas with higher deer density and more hunting pressure.

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To learn more about Dr. Grant Woods’ work and download free video and learn the latest research about deer, visit and


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