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What’s the Role of a Deer Hunting Club

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The Best Deer Hunting Club Is Headed Up by a Benevolent Dictator

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John’s Note: A good hunting club or camp can be a piece of heaven – but sometimes things don’t work out the way they should. Here’s how you and your friends can make sure you’ll all be happy with your hunting club set-up. Now’s the time to think about the most-productive hunting clubs and decide how to set-up one to have the fewest hassles.The Best Deer Hunting Club Is Headed Up by a Benevolent Dictator06

The worst thing that can happen to any hunting club is democracy.

When everybody tries to make all the rules governing the hunting club, no one is happy. I’ve belonged to about 20 hunting clubs in my life. The clubs that have endured and the ones I have the fondest memories of are the clubs that had benevolent dictators as their heads. This man may be called the president of the club, the huntmaster or the man in charge. He settles all disputes, and most of the time makes the rules. He’s respected by the men in the club, and his word is law without The Best Deer Hunting Club Is Headed Up by a Benevolent Dictator07appeal. Everyone knew what the rules are, and what can happen if the rules are violated. Benevolent dictators generally are tempered with the wisdom of age and the common sense and charity of Solomon.


One of the best hunting clubs I ever belonged to had a president whose name was Mr. Lee. When you joined Mr. Lee’s club, you received a letter that read something like this: “We’re glad to have you as a member of our hunting club. However, knowing that we are all guests of Mr. Lee’s on the property is very important. He owns the lease, makes the rules and decides disputes. As long as you respect Mr. Lee’s land and his wishes as a guest would, you will be welcome in the club.” Mr. Lee was a fair and honest man who kept harmony in his hunting club throughout the years of its existence.The Best Deer Hunting Club Is Headed Up by a Benevolent Dictator08

Some of the worst hunting clubs I have belonged to have been organized and operated by well-intending sportsmen who say, “We want everyone to have a voice into the rule-making process. This club is for all of its members. So, the members should make the decisions.” Although this philosophy sounds good on paper, I have yet to see it work in practicality. Most of the time, everyone makes opposite decisions, and no one is happy with anything. I’ll take a benevolent dictator to be head any time in a hunting club for me to belong to it.

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