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What’s the Role of a Deer Hunting Club

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John’s Note: A good hunting club or camp can be a piece of heaven – but sometimes things don’t work out the way they should. Here’s how you and your friends can make sure you’ll all be happy with your hunting club set-up. Now’s the time to think about the most-productive hunting clubs and decide how to set-up one to have the fewest hassles. What’s the Role of a Deer Hunting Club01

Taking a deer may be the initial reason that sportsmen join hunting clubs.

However, most of the time this is not the primary reason that hunters stay in a particular hunting club. “I’ve been in this hunting club over 20 years,” Joe Robbins, an 83-year-old member of Lake Hollolla Hunting Club in Alabama, once explained to me. “I’m here every day of the 6-week-long turkey season. I won’t usually miss more than 4 or 5 days of deer season, which runs from the middle of October until January 31st. I like being here at the hunting club. I enjoy being with the men and boys here. I like to get up in the morning and walk for a mile or so through the woods. I enjoy going out on a stand and trying to see deer. I especially like to go into the woods and call up a turkey in the spring. I am as at home at this hunting club as I am in my own house. And when I die, I’d be just as happy dying at this club as I would be at home. Actually, I believe I’d rather die in the woods hunting or on the nearby water fishing than I had in a hospital bed. I just love being down here. The folks here, this property and the woods and water mean an awful lot to me.”

What’s the Role of a Deer Hunting Club03

Robbins was as much a part of the Lake Hollolla Hunting Club as the woods, the waters and the clubhouses. And, the members of other good hunting clubs feel the same way about their members. A hunting club isn’t a piece of land with hunters indiscriminately running around on it. A good hunting club is a very intimate gathering of men from different backgrounds and stations in life who come together with a common purpose – to hunt, to fellowship and to make everyone’s outdoor experience as rewarding as possible. They come to be boys again in a man’s world, to joke, to tell lies and to pit their hunting skills against wily whitetails and other game – both large and small – that abound on the land.

But what create`s the atmosphere that will make men leave home and hearth and dream all week long of 5:00 pm on Friday when they’ll be free to leave for the world of the hunting club? What makes a hunting club more than a deer lease, a dry shelter out of winter’s rain and a warm stove for cooking? There are more ingredients than we can list, but this week we’ll look at some of the major elements required for the making of a good hunting club.

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