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The Master Public Land Turkey Hunter Day 2: How...

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The Master Public Land Turkey Hunter Day 3: How to Hunt More Public Land Turkeys

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Editor’s Note: Mike Pentecost, the founder and owner of Woodhaven Custom Calls, Inc., in Heflin, Alabama, has been hunting turkeys for more than 40 years – spending most of his hunting life on public lands. He had a burning desire to build the best possible turkey calls when he started his business in his grandparents’ basement in the 1980s. His passion led to the development of his well-known calls – the Red Wasp and the Cherry Classic Crystal (all made in the USA). His company always has given superior customer service. As Pentecost explains, “I want to always have the faith and the courage to continue following the Lord and doing my best.”

Wild turkey

These other factors also impact how I hunt public-land turkeys.  

  • The terrain, the hunting pressure that turkeys have had, and what the gobbler will have to do to reach me are all factors that determine how much I call, and when I call.
  • Another question I’m asked is, “How long have you sat in one spot on public lands to try and kill a tough turkey?” The answer is four hours by my watch, and that was when I was a young hunter. I kept spooking turkeys and not taking turkeys. I had an old slate call that I’d broken, but had had to repair, since it was the only one I had. That’s part of the reason I wanted to start making turkey calls. So, I decided that I’d call a turkey and hunt him like the old timers once did. I’d sit in the same spot that I called from, call very little, wouldn’t expect the turkey to gobble and would keep watching and looking. When I couldn’t stand the suspense any longer, I’d leave the woods.
  • Many people have asked, “Who taught you how to hunt turkeys?” My answer is, nobody. I learned it all on my own. I made all the mistakes. I did everything wrong, and every time I hunted, I tried to learn more about turkey hunting. I finally decided I was probably the worst turkey hunter who ever lived. I made the decision I would call a little and sit in one place, until I took a turkey or knew for certain I wasn’t taking a turkey. Like everyone else, I realized I was calling way too much and not waiting nearly long enough to be successful. No one in my family turkey hunted, but the few people I knew who did know how to turkey hunt were folks I respected and admired. I made my mind up that I would learn to be a turkey hunter. My turkey-hunting education began in the 1970s. At that time, there were very-few turkey hunters and very-few turkeys in north Alabama where I lived.  
Mike Pentecost and a turkey hunter with their trophy
  • I started hunting public lands, because I got tired of knocking on doors asking for permission to hunt private lands and being told, “No.” Since I didn’t want to bother anybody, the only places I had left to hunt were public lands. Another place I was able to hunt was timber-company land. I could get a permit to hunt there for free or nearly free. Several national forests are near my home, and I hunted that public land too. One of the major things I liked about hunting public lands was that no one could tell me to get off the land, and I didn’t have to ask permission from anyone to hunt there.
  • You must realize on public lands that everyone has the same right to be on that land and hunt the turkeys on that land. I do follow a code of etiquette that many-other public-land hunters use. I’ll do everything I can and go wherever I have to go to prevent ruining your turkey hunt. I’ve always tried to be safe. If I see a car parked where I want to go, I’ll move to another place. I’ve never wanted to hunt where other hunters hunt. For many years, I could turkey hunt all day long – from daylight to dark – on wildlife management areas. But in my state, those management-area hunting times have changed, and I only can hunt from daylight until noon today. 

Tomorrow: Why to Teach Young Turkey Hunters

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