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Use Cast Nets to Catch Bait and Fish for Fun and Money Day 5: The Cast Net Is the Ultimate Survival Tool for Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing

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Editor’s Note: The word, survival, takes on different definitions for various people, especially in these 2020 days of Covid-19. The cast net can be used to supply fish for food almost anywhere there’s water containing fish. The cast net also can be used to build a survival income by catching fish in a cast net to eat or selling those fish to other people or catching bait for your fishing or selling that live bait to others.

“If there’s a fish in the water, I can catch it with a cast net, whether that fish is in a small stream, a river, a back bay off salt water or water of any size,” Keith Cheney of Bon Secour, Alabama, on the Gulf of Mexico, emphasizes.

Brian Barton of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, is a freshwater fishing guide ( on the Tennessee River, who throws his cast net over a school of shad minnows to get bait for largemouth and smallmouth bass, as well as catfish. After spotting shad minnows flipping on the surface, Barton throws his cast net, waits for it to hit the bottom and then gathers up the minnows that make very-effective baits.

In a survival situation or for more fun on the water for you and your family (see Day 3) if there’s water near where you are, it probably has fish in it. If those fish are in the water, you can catch them with a cast net and often have a steady supply of bait fish to use to catch fish and/or fresh fish to eat.

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