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Hunting the Deer Rut Day 4: Know Intruder Bucks Are Another Problem Dominant Buck Deer Must Solve During the Rut

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Editor’s Note: A couple of weeks ago I went out and spent several days photographing wild deer. The rut just had kicked in, which allowed me to learn new things about hunting the rut that I never knew previously. This week, I’ll share what I’ve learned and have seen to help you become a better rutting deer hunter.

Another scene I observed when I was photographing white-tailed deer was the problem that mature bucks have during the rut besides the hunter. When an older-age-class buck finds a doe that is ready to breed, he’ll often stay very close to her, waiting on the moment that she’s ready to accept him and allow him to breed her. However, as I’ve mentioned before, sometimes more than one buck has found that same doe. Although the second buck may be a young buck, he still has the instincts and desires to want to breed an estrous doe as much as an older-age-class buck does. 

As I watched a mature buck with his doe while photographing, I also spotted a younger buck that was only slightly smaller stand as close to the mature buck and the doe as he could get. The older-age-class buck had to decide whether he could keep the younger buck away from his doe, or if he would have to fight to keep that younger buck away from his doe and possibly lose her to a third buck that might be watching what was happening and try to move in and steal the doe, while the two bucks were fighting. 

The bigger buck not only has to be conscious of hunters and trying to stay alive, he also has to be conscious of intruder bucks that may come in and try and steal his doe and breed her. Since that buck has many things on his mind during the rut, he’s much more vulnerable to the hunter than at any other time of the year. That’s why the rut is the best time to find and take an older-age-class buck, due to so-many things going on during the rut besides just breeding. Dealing with intruder bucks who try and steal does from them is just another problem mature bucks have to solve if they’re trying to breed the next generation of whitetails in that region.

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