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Jon Lester – a Two Team Player for the Chicago Cubs and Mossy Oak with John E. Phillips

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Jon Lester - a Two Team Player for the Chicago Cubs and Mossy Oak with John E. Phillips - 4John’s Note: Jon Lester, today a Chicago Cubs ( pitcher, avid hunter and a member of Mossy Oak’s Pro Staff (, just signed in December, 2014, with the Cubs for a 6-year $155 million contract. Lester won the last game in the 2007 World Series as a pitcher. He pitched in games one and five for the Red Sox in the 2013 World Series and won both those games, enabling Boston to be the 2013 World Series championship team. Jon, who’s featured on the cover of the December 22, 2014, “Sports Illustrated” magazine, has been playing in the Major Leagues for 9 years as a pitcher and enjoys being outdoors. According to the article, “Jon Lester Fears No Curse,” “The Chicago Cubs have been the worst team in the NL the last 5 years, but with Lester signing, the rebuilding Cubs have signaled they’re finally ready to compete.”

Phillips: Jon, you’ll be playing on two teams – the Chicago Cubs and the Mossy Oak hunting teams. How do these two teams fit together?Tampa Bay Rays  v Boston Red Sox

Lester: Baseball playoffs happen during deer season. I didn’t get home until November 5th of 2013. When I get home, after I’ve had some down time, I like to go to the Midwest and hunt with Mark and Terry Drury, although I didn’t get to in 2013. But my team went to the World Series then, and that was the ultimate goal for the Boston Red Sox. That’s my job, and my job – which in 2015 and for the next 6 years will be with the Chicago Cubs – has to come first. I look forward to reconnecting with friends and outdoor experiences each year. I feel really blessed to be a part of two great organizations: the Boston Red Sox baseball team and the Mossy Oak hunting team. It’s great to have my name represent the Mossy Oak family whether I’m playing baseball or hunting. I enjoy and cherish my relationship with the outdoors and outdoors people. I like meeting the other Mossy Oak Pro Staff members, hanging out with them and sometimes getting to hunt with them.

Watch this video with Jon Lester on the responsibility of a role model



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