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Scouting Before Bowhunting Deer with Mark Drury Day 2:...

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Scouting Before Bowhunting Deer with Mark Drury Day 3: Other Deer Scouting Secrets

A hunter looks through his binoculars
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Editor’s Note: Mark Drury of Osceola, Iowa, the founder of MAD Calls (www.flambeauoutdoors.com) and the co-owner of Drury Outdoor Productions (https://www.druryoutdoors.com) with his brother Terry, is an avid deer hunter. Each year, Drury hunts in several states and consistently takes big bucks for his videos. But how does anyone take big bucks regularly? Drury explains how starting early and using new technology helps him find bucks, learn their haunts and habits and determine when and where he can expect to take one.

A hunter looks through his binocularsDeer Scouting Secret No. 5: I like to actually see the deer, especially the bucks I’ll be hunting in the fall, besides using the trail-timer camera. But once again, I want to see the buck from a distance and not disturb him by getting too close. I’ve learned from my trail cameras that the first 10 days of a full moon is when I’ll see the most-big bucks coming to a green field late in the afternoon. I’ll take advantage of the deer’s reaction to the phases of the moon during the summer months, just as I do during the fall and winter months. I want to see the bucks on the green field to try and determine their personalities and their temperaments. Some bucks will be bold, while other bucks will be very skittish. Some bucks will walk right out in the middles of the green fields, while other bucks will hold on the edges. By being able to study the bucks through binoculars or spotting scopes from a long distance away, I can learn the personality of each buck. If you’re going to go to a green field and study the bucks, you’ll want to go to that field when the most bucks will be on it. I’ve learned that not only most of the bucks, but more importantly most of the big bucks that are using a green field, will be out in that green field early in the afternoon for 10 days after a full moon. A deer in the field

Deer Scouting Secret No. 6: You’ve got to have quality glass to scout for bucks. I want to stay at least 400-yards away from the fields that I’m scouting. For this reason, A deer looks over his shoulder in a grassy fieldI’ll usually use 10X binoculars when I’m scouting and/or a spotting scope. Eastern hunters don’t take advantage of spotting scopes nearly as much as western hunters do, and you’ll rarely see an eastern hunter scout with a spotting scope or 10X binoculars. However, remember, the further you stay away from the deer, the less human odor you’ll introduce to your hunting site, and the better your odds are for taking an older-age-class buck. Too, by using quality binoculars and spotting scopes, you can spend more time scouting from your truck, which keeps your human odor in your vehicle. I use a window-mount device for my spotting scope to mount the scope on the window. When I’m out in my truck in the summer scouting, I’ll usually be wearing camouflage.Cover - Bowhunting Deer: Mossy Oak Pros Know Bucks and Bows


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